Ayy carumba! What a month I’m having!

A Breathe In, Breathe Out Post

Comic Expo is over. The IFWA Booth was a success and my thanks go to Sandy Fitzpatrick and Gary Renshaw for organizing and manning the booth for most of the weekend. I don’t think they left the booth together at any time during the Expo (which reminds me, I have to get my last copies of Shanghai Steam back from Sandy at the next IFWA meeting). It was great meeting people who passed our booth and I got to hand out my latest promo: bookmarks. I also got to meet some artists there who might be able to help me with book covers should I ever get any of my novels self-published. I didn’t expect many sales since all of my stories are in anthologies, but I did manage to get one. I think there will be an IFWA booth next year, so stay tuned. I may show up there again.

But this year, like the other years I’ve gone, was more about family than book sales. My sons came with me on the weekend days and we had fun wandering up and down the aisles and avoiding the horrific winter weather out there (and yes, Comic Expo is in April). Because of the weather, we didn’t get outside for the outdoor events (I always like watching the martial arts demos and quidditch).

This month has been productive but frustrating at the same time. I started the month with one story to revise for editors (now it’s two). I am helping judge a short story contest at work (it is for a short story contest for junior high students) as well as with my writers’ group. Plus, I have a presentation to finish up (and one that is overdue). My novel work has taken a nosedive as a result of all these other responsibilities. I didn’t plan it this way. I thought I spaced things out well, but here we are. So, two steps forward, and a couple steps back. I figure I can get back to working on that novel once July comes along.

Part of the writing life, at least until you’ve made it as a full-time author, is trying to eke out time to write while juggling employment, family, and other activities. Every writer at the beginning of their writing life has to do this. I can’t complain. I have an embarrassment of riches. I have a supportive family who let me get away and write when I can.

My problem seems to be my “muse.” My muse doesn’t seem to want to come out and play during those times I am able to get away. I have an hour here and an hour there to get things done, but I’m usually so tired by that time, I just want to sleep. Needless to say, productivity goes to a crawl.

So that’s the question I have for all you readers out there. What do you do to ensure you are productive during your writing time? Let me know your thoughts down below.